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Why are Japanese car brands considered to be more reliable than any other nation’s, in the UK? Ben pas Ben Pas, Bit of a car nut. Answered Jun 3

Some excellent answers here. Let me add a little anecdote:

A group of students got to order 10.000 light bulbs from two manufacturers as part of a project. One was European, the other Japanese.

So they specified the type of bulb, wattage, socket and a failure rate of 0.1%

The European manufacturer sent a pallet containing the 10.000 bulbs as specified and based on their own statistical analysis, no more than 10 bulbs were expected to be defective.

The Japanese sent a pallet with 9990 bulbs, and on top of that as small box containg 10 bulbs. Those 10 were the broken ones. They could not understand why you would want ANY broken bulbs, but they are in the box if it makes you happy.

THAT is quality control. It’s not a matter of good enough, most of the time. It’s about 100% good EVERY time. This is done for individual parts, it’s done for assemblies and ultimately it’s the same for the entire car.

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